Edit Tools

Edit tools help you modify unthickened lattice structures.


Add Beam

The Add Beam tool allows you to manually add beams between existing nodes of an unthickened lattice.

AddBeam (2).gif


The Attract tool can be used to move nodes of one lattice to the closest nodes of another lattice. You can control which nodes are selected by choosing their valence (number of beams per node) and their distance from the nodes of the attractor lattice. Once these nodes have been moved, the merging tool can be used to merge the lattices into a single structure. 


Clean Up

The Clean Up tool helps you remove open beams and select beams of a specified valence number or angle relative to world space. Valence refers to the number of connected beams to a node. This tool is useful to ensure your final product is 3D printable.


Manual Edit

The manual edit tool allows you to interactively grab specific beams and/or nodes of a lattice, in order to move them or delete them. The translated beams will remain attached at both of its nodes and as a result the length and shape of the unit cells attached to this beam will be expanded or compressed



The merge tool allows you to merge two separate lattices into a single structure. The lattices will merge where the beams of one lattice intersect the nodes of the second lattice. To ensure proper alignment use the attractor tool prior to the merge tool. Note that it is possible to merge two lattices that are not connected. 



The Split tool takes a single lattice as an input and automatically finds and colors lattice "islands." The tool then outputs each island as a separate lattice. 




The trim tool allows you to trim a lattice using a volume. The lattice can either be trimmed to keep the beams within the volume or outside of the volume.



The Warp tool allows you to take a lattice and use modifiers to pull or push it. The optimization and steps refers to how smooth the warp effect is translated to the rest of the (unwarped) structure.


Warp to Shape

The warp to shape function manipulates the dimensions and the shape of the unit cells within a lattice to fit a volume.