nTopology has developed a software solution with a unique combination of computational, procedural, and simulation-based design tools to help engineers create lightweight and optimized parts with functional requirements built right in.





Heat Exchangers

Using nTopology software, easily create complex multi-channel geometry that can be used for heat exchanging applications.



Save on time and materials by using lattices and other lightweight structures in the design process.


Structural Ribs

Vary the height, thickness, and pattern of the ribs to quickly and efficiently iterate through designs.


Medical Implants

Have full control over your lattice structures and take full advantage of 3D printing’s design capability to create optimized medical implants.


Complex Geometry, Fast

Create performative, complex geometry such as lattices, structural ribbing, TPMS structures, and more. Make advanced designs in minutes instead of hours.


Connected Engineering Systems

Leverage simulation in the design process to optimize parts within a fully parametric framework. and export directly to manufacturing formats.


Capture Engineering Workflows

Capture knowledge-based engineering workflows that can be packaged, shared, and deployed by other team members. Our interactive engineering notebook documents encapsulate team knowledge over time and can be distributed in an easy-to-use workflow templates that can be reused by both humans and computers.

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