A lattice can be defined by any repeating structure or pattern - typically a lattice is an interlaced structure of nodes and beams. However, lattices can also be periodic or be made from a stochastic / semi-random pattern


LTCX is Element's lattice file format (Lattice Graph Interchange Module). Our Lattice Graph interchange module allows lattices to be imported and exported in a lightweight, open source, XML based file format. This allows you to analyze even the most complex structures using your existing FEA toolset - without having to deal with slow, heavy 3D meshes.


A node is a beam connection point.

Open Beam

An open beam is a beam that doesn't connect to another beam on at least one end.


A rule is the type of cell that is patterned to construct a lattice. It is comprised of a single unit and it's tessellation

Surface Lattice

A surface lattice is a lattice that is generated on the surface of an object.


Topology is a pretty complex concept, but generally, it's the arrangement and orientation of holes in a part. When it comes to our program, 'Generate' tools execute topology operations and 'Thickening' tools execute shape operations.



Valence is the number of beams connected to a single node.