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Element Pro adds powerful editing, analysis, and data interchange features to Element Free's structure design tools. Browse some of the features below, and get in touch to learn more or request a trial.



Light weight data

Our Lattice Graph interchange file allows lattices to be imported and exported in a lightweight, open source, XML based file format. This allows you to analyze even the most complex structures using your existing FEA toolset - without having to deal with slow, heavy 3D meshes.

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Create custom structures

The heart of lattice design is the ability to create and use infinitely variable lattice topologies in your designs. With our lattice rule builder you can do just that. Select from our wide variety of predefined tessellations and units - or create your own from scratch.



Stochastic Structures

Our Stochastic structures feature enables users to generate a wide range of random, pseudorandom, and semi-random lattices. These can be applied to both volumes and surfaces, and can be analyzed and edited using the same tools in Element Free.



Structural Ribs

Element's non-round thickening feature allows for lattice beams with non-round cross sections to be generated and thickened. Whether you're interested in improving printability or want to create beams with specific directional properties, Offset thickening offers another dimension to your design freedom.



Conformal Structures

With the conformal structures tool, you can create lattices that follow the form of your part - and support just the loads that you need them to. 



Analysis + Optimization

Our simulation tools allow you to run an initial analysis on your part, and then use that data as to generate an optimized structure for part. 




CAD Interchange

We get it - STLs suck. With our CAD interchange module, you get full access to import and export native CAD data in a variety of formats including IGES, STEP, and Parasolid®.


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