nTopology announces full 3MF support in Element Free

Today, nTopology is proud to announce 3MF support in our free, powerful lattice design tool, Element Free.

Since its founding, the 3MF Consortium has led the way in creating a file format purpose-built for additive manufacturing processes. And with the release of 3MF's Beam Lattice Extension, it is clear that the future of printable file formats is 3MF.

As a proud member of the 3MF Consortium, nTopology is committed to expanding the file format's capabilities and helping designers and engineers fully utilize its benefits. And so with the release of Element 1.22.0, 3MF import and export are available for all of our users - paid and free. Existing users can gain access to 1.22.0 by using the built-in updater; new users can get in touch here for their own free access.

Whether you're designing with beam lattices or solid geometry, 3MF is a convenient, lightweight, and stable file format for transmitting designs. With wide support throughout the CAD industry and an active development pipeline, we're excited for what our users produce with 3MF.

So please, skip the STLs! Import and export 3MF files for both your meshes and beam lattices, and be done with the file format woes that have plagued the 3D printing industry for years.