Element Free 0.13.0

Last week we released Element 0.13.0, which brought with it a few big improvements to our user interface. We think they'll help users learn the lattice design process much more quickly, and I wanted to run them down here.

This version of Element brings a whole new look to the toolbar layout! Gone are text-only buttons in the top bar, and in their place come descriptive icons in a (somewhat larger) ribbon. We hope this will add a bit of context to what the tools actually do, and it will also help us conserve valuable screen space as the number of tools expands over the next few months.

We also split the `Edit` tool up into its component parts - `Move`, `Merge/Split`, `Trim` and `Clean up`. This will reduce the number of clicks it takes to perform an operation, and makes the Edit family act a lot more like the other tools in Element. We'll be doing more work to rationalize our tools in the coming months, but don't worry - nothing's going away!

We made some improvements to the `VF Lattice` tool. The big change here is in the user interface; namely, the vectors act a bit more like our Point modifiers do, and are added and edited in a similar way to the `Modifiers` tool. We still have a few changes coming to this tool's UI and functionality - stay tuned :)

Lastly, we rolled the `File` and `Help` menus into one single menu in the top left corner. If you're looking for help, go there!

We've got even more improvements coming in the next few weeks - stay tuned! And if you haven't played with Element Free recently