How do I export the lattice that I made?

For Pro users, we offer lattice export in Parasolid and Graph (LTCX) format. For Element Free users, lattices can be exported as STL, OBJ, and other mesh file formats. To export a mesh file, open the `Mesh` tool, select a thickened lattice, and click `Generate.` Then use the `Export Mesh` button to save the file to disk.


Do you have a version of Element for Mac?

We don't currently support Element on Mac, and don't have specific plans to release a Mac OS version. In addition, Element will *not* work via Parallels or VMWare Fusion, as those systems don't have access to physical video cards. Element does work well via Boot Camp, though!


Element crashes right when I boot it up. What's up with that?

The most common cause of instability with Element is, oddly enough, out of date video card drivers. If you're experiencing any issues getting Element to run successfully, the first thing to do is make sure your drivers are up to date. If you're using NVIDIA, you can do that hereFor AMD, go here. In addition, if you're using a laptop then you should make sure that Element is set to use your dedicated graphics card - which you can do by following this (rather cheesy) video tutorial.


When I Generate a new lattice, nothing shows up.

This is also caused by out of date video card drivers - see above!