We help you make better 3D printed parts.


nTopology was founded with one goal: To help engineers make better 3D printed parts. Our software offers a fluid transition from mechanical design to DFM, and allows for both explicit and computer assisted creation of highly complex lattices structures. With nTopology, you can quickly design parts that are stronger, lighter, and easier to manufacture than ever before.



With our unique combination of generative, manual, and simulation-based design tools, we let engineers create parts whose functional requirements are baked right in. With Element, you can optimize lattice structures with respect to user-defined inputs, imported data, or our integrated FEA - letting you make the right parts for your application, every single time.


Bradley Rothenberg, CEO & Cofounder
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Greg Schroy, Cofounder
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Matt Leta, Director of Engineering
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Abhi Reddy, Software Engineering

Spencer Wright, V.P. of Product
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Chris Hickok, Software Engineering

nTopology is a dedicated group of engineers, dead set on building the next generation of design software. We work hard, use our own software, and love solving industrial-grade challenges. 

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Andrew Quintero, Software Engineering


Arielle Ross, Intern